Emo Public Library

1914/1915 - First Library in Emo was  at Mrs. Corliss' home.

1918 - Books were moved to Mrs. Bainbridges. Books again moved until 1926 to Mrs. Gill Wilcox' boarding house

1926-19?? - Books were housed in in Mrs. Sandersons home.

1940 is the earliest minute book found, books are at the home of the Librarian Mrs. Grace Pelletier. In Sept. 1940, books were moved to the old brick schoolhouse to the teachers room.

1945 - The library housed 1,000 books and a membership of 108.

February 1954 to 1968 - A 8x12 building was purchased and moved to King Street.

1966 - Emo Council passed a by-law to establish a Public Library in accordance to the Public Libraries Act

1967 - Local Kinsmen with the aid of a government centennial grant opened a new library at its present site.

1986 - A new addition was added